About Us

MRN Creations is a 100% BEE certified company and is supported by 2 directors and 7full time support employees. Ren is a qualified attorney and has held many executive positions in the Banking environment, while Michael completed his CAIB (SA) and MBA and is a chief executive at one of the leading banks in South Africa.

Ren has been doing décor for over 30 years- her décor career started at the age of 12 when her family and friends started noticing her skills in table settings and flower arranging. She was soon earning pocket money from her hobby and was doing draping of stages and flowers for weddings and birthdays- this was long before décor became a craze and when décor items were not freely available.

She also developed a passion for cooking, and experimented with traditional and modern cuisine and often fused the both to give off amazing results.

Michael on the other hand comes with his own impressive set of skills. He has an extraordinary eye for detail, is organized, meticulous, has a great network and is able to drive the team hard in order to execute on any event.

MRN, the brainchild of Michael and Ren was created with the intention of providing lifestyle solutions to both the corporate and personal space. Having travelled the world and experienced luxury hospitality first hand, they saw a gap in the South African market and decided to showcase their skílls and experiences to Africa. Under the MRN skies, MRN Creations and MRN Laundry and Dry Cleaning was created.

MRN Creations is a leading event’s company in South Africa, with head offices in Johannesburg, and its services can be extended to the rest of Africa and beyond. Its service offerings include event consultancy and management services, décor services, flower design and arrangements, hiring of catering equipment, food and beverage solutions, audio-visuals, videography and
photography, gift procurement and packaging and provision of entertainers and promotional staff.

Through our personalized and innovative design we are able to facilitate your entire event by providing you with a one stop design, and production service where we help you conceptualize your event, design it according to your style and then execute it according to a plan developed by you and ourselves.

We are unique in that we adopt a five-senses approach from concept through completion to ensure that everything you smell, touch, taste, see and hear resonates with your guests. In doing this, we guarantee memorable and signature events. We act as both the composer and conductor and we are able to orchestrate a production that ensures maximum impact and harmony across all creative partners.

We have developed a network of the best and most suitable creative partners for all event types. While we value and nurture relationships with our existing partners and seek to consistently help them perform better, we also continue to expand our relationships with new partners across a number of services. We carefully vet each of our service providers to ensure that the quality of their service and /or product, and their commitment to our event
is consistent with our standards.

The overall cost of an event can vary greatly depending on your guest count, degree of detail, venue, duration of the event, entertainment and other specific selections. We help guide you to decisions in each of these areas using your budget as a framework. Because of our skill and expertise, we know how to work with your budget and stretch it as far as it will go in order to deliver a turnkey solution. We focus on proactive personalized service with extraordinary attention to detail. We pride ourselves in creating peace of mind, flawless décor and timeless memories.

  • We are hands on in our approach and offer persona used service.
  • We offer a host of services, including Event management, Décor, Hiring and flower arrangement, all under our roof.
  • We are flexible in our pricing and are able to stretch your budget, to ensure it goes a long way in delivering a signature and memorable event.
  • We have access to the best and most suitable creative partners in Africa and will be able to negotiate with them in terms of service delivery and pricing.
  • We are innovative and creative and are constantly researching to ensure we keep abreast of global and latest trends.
  • We have a safe set of hands- we are great at project management, have great interpersonal skills, work well under pressure, always deliver timeously, and we are able to guarantee greater satisfaction levels.